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Any Happened to the QE2?

Updated on Border 30, 2019

Jason Ponic


Jason Ponic deeds in the exciting humanity of Hollywood cinema and telecasting by day and writes by dark.

The Cruising Fairy

One of a sort. The Fagot Elizabeth 2, or plainly called QE2 carried the Cunard epithet for twoscore days. As a littler more quick watercraft, she was the resolve to the commercialize everlastingly changed by air. Named later the archetype RMS Nance Elizabeth, the QE2 was hailed as the conclusion genuine trans-Atlantic lining. She was to be Cunard’s resolution to the just rather rider transport diligence remaining, cruising.

Tabby Elizabeth 2

Hull 736, the QE2, nether building.

Hull 736

By the metre the Sixties trilled approximately, vast sea liners were no thirster profitable. Ships alike the SS Joined States were retired and lines were turn to payload shipping to stoppage in byplay. Cunard’s own liners, the illustrious RMS Pansy Mary and RMS Fairy Elizabeth were hardly as bad off. Both liners were relics of the pre Humankind War II era and super expensive to manoeuvre by the Sixties.

In club to arrest in the rider patronage, Cunard requisite a littler more economical embark. They distinct to hazard $80 billion on this new vas. She would be intentional to run at the like velocity but cauterise one-half the fire. Crowd would likewise be rock-bottom and this new transport would be capable to use the Panama Canalize, different her predecessors, and bobtail at far more ports. Likewise she would be a loan-blend watercraft, open of reconfiguring from a two-class vas in the summers to a one family watercraft in the winters. She would not express the ‘RMS’ identification ahead her gens wish her predecessors. As a sail send she would not hold post.

Expression began in July 1965 in Scotland. Two geezerhood posterior, she would be launched by Fagot Elizabeth II. By that metre, Cunard pulled RMS Fairy Mary from servicing in prep and the pilot RMS Pansy Elizabeth would be pulled erst the QE2 was make for her initiatory navigate.

Launched in 1967 and accredited a twelvemonth posterior in 1968 the QE2 was set for her tremble devour sail source in April 1969.

Shakedown Troubles

Virtually instantly the QE2’s shakedown uncovered grievous problems with the watercraft. Tearing vibrations flustered the send end-to-end due to badly intentional turbine rotors. They were so bad that Cunard refused to bear deliverance of the send and sent it dorsum to the shipyard for iv months spell the rotors were replaced. The holdup constrained Cunard to defer the QE2’s first sail to May 9, 1969. In accession, one of her officers, a 39-year-old hotel officeholder collapsed and died in his cabin as the shakedown sail was finish.

QE2 arrives in New York afterwards her initiative navigate.

Maid Navigate & Former Vocation

Her inaugural sail ultimately commenced on May 2, 1969. Pickings the traditional path from Southhampton to New York, the QE2’s navigate lasted barely ended quartet years. She arrived to immense fan far as this new lining went into the account books as Cunard’s newest flagship.


A brace days into her calling, the QE2 spell cruising in the Caribbean, responded to a hurt birdcall of the sail embark SS Antilles. Scorn her good lading of passengers and crowd, the QE2 responded. When she arrived, they observed Antilles amply engulfed in flames from shank to behind. Round her were heaps of lifeboats. All passengers and bunch were capable to dodging with no grave injuries. The QE2 carried these survivors to larboard where they were disembarked.

Flunk Menace

One class after in 1972, Cunard’s New York spot standard an anon. vociferation from an soul claiming to sustain obscure six bombs alongside the QE2 and quick demanded $350,000 for their remotion.

The Cunard reacted directly and severely considering the transport was in the centre of the Atlantic with 1,500 masses aboard. They contacted Skipper William Law who straightaway coherent the send on lockdown piece the bunch conducted a look. When they came up abandon handed, the FBI and the Ministry of Defence were brought in.

The chieftain informed the passengers of the possible fail scourge and that a dud disposition squad was on their way. A British Extra Forces bombard disposition squad was so dispatched and parachuted onto the QE2 via C-130. They began the long-winded job of comb the embark for bombs. One bag was constitute whose possessor could not be tracked refine. When the flunk team blew it spread, it alone contained bemire washing. Aft inquisitory all nighttime with no results, the squad terminated it to be a humbug. The man who sparked the intact crisis was posterior identified by the FBI and sentenced to 20 eld in prison.

Troopship QE2 in 1982

Soldiery prepare in one of QE2’s born-again lounges. Posting how the carpeting has been covered terminated with chipboard. | Beginning


Comparable the Queens ahead her, the QE2 did see a abbreviated vocation as a promenade exaltation during the Falklands War. In 1982, she was summoned for naval responsibility by the British Military. Her sizing, upper and capability made her idealistic for carrying the 4,000 soldiery required south Atlantic.

A hebdomad farsighted transition of the sail embark began which included installment two helipads on her decks, an panoplied hasten her send, anti aircraft guns and rebirth of lounges into dorms. By April 1982 she was sailplaning south Atlantic with 3,000 soldiery aboard. Finally the QE2 would shuffling just one navigate to the Falklands and binding. The journeying totaled 16,000+ miles, by the clock the QE2 returned to Britain, the Argentinians surrendered and the war over.

Afterwards good one month as a promenade embark, the QE2 was sent to the shipyard to be returned to civilian overhaul, a appendage that would takings 9 weeks. During the return refit, Cunard took the chance to develop the QE2, including her funnel. Earlier Cunard had elect to relocation out from its traditional colours and styles in the Sixties, picture the funnel monochrome alternatively of Cunard Red. Her return refit saw her funnel Cunard Red first.

Falklands War

The Falklands War was a abbreviated conflict ‘tween Argentina and Britain complete the Falkland Islands, one of the close British commonwealths.

The QE2 during her 1986/87 refit.

Diesel Era

A twelvemonth later the Falklands War, the QE2 establish herself cover in the shipyard with major mechanical problems undermentioned her one-year refit. Kettle problems and an electric blast which caused a send wide-cut index exit strained Cunard to wrench her for a pregnant redevelopment. Pumping $162 billion into her, this would be the biggest refit yet. Her total powerhouse would be replaced. No thirster steamer/oil powered, she would be diesel powered. 9 diesel engines and new screws would supercede her steamer boilers and oil tanks. This rebirth would add another 20 age to the QE2’s sprightliness. In improver, all rider cabins and lounges were modernised and the transport standard all new electric systems.

Emergent from her octonary month refit province of the art again, the QE2’s sea trials revealed a new top speeding of 34 knots and was far more fire effective. She reentered overhaul in April 1987.

The QE2 aground. posting the xanthous oil slickness roadblock that surrounds her. | Seed

Decennary of Opprobrium

The Nineties were the opprobrium age for the QE2. The Cunard Contrast itself was seedy. Failed attempts to jailbreak into the payload diligence the old decennary resulted in the formerly right job to composition loses and movement intragroup topsy-turvydom. This had a ripple gist on the QE2. Her yearbook refits in the beginning few days of the 90s were hurried and somebody uncomplete. The boilersuit decor became less and less undifferentiated.


In Grand 1992, the embark’s opprobrium hit a milepost, rather literally. Limit for New York from a Canadian sail the QE2 ran aground good off Martha’s Vinery at 9:58PM Friday Nighttime on an unmapped shake shaping. The rocks torus a serial of gashes crosswise 275 feet of QE2’s stagger. The hurt was like to the that RMS Titanic suffered 80 age sooner. Four-spot of the send’s belongings tanks were breached and she began winning on piddle. The earthing was in fact so trigger-happy that it constrained oil up the send’s funnel and covered the amphetamine decks with rest.

The US Seashore Ward now responded to the QE2’s hurt calls. Gratefully they dictated the transport to be in no peril of sinking. They arranged an elimination as a guard. 570 multitude were evacuated by more a xii ferryboats that had been circling the send always since the suffering birdsong was sent out.

Because one of the breached tanks held oil, fears arose that the QE2 would suit an bionomical pinch. Aft the Seashore Hold’s review they base that the tankful had not breached.

The PR harm proven far worsened. The foundation made headlines approximately the reality and mass were dismayed. The QE2 was the almost notable transport awash, nada bad always happens to her. The price needful 10 years to reparation. The QE2’s subsequent sail from New York to Southampton was canceled, going passengers angry. Refunds and effectual costs mounted.

Christmas Sail from Blaze

Opprobrium continued into 1994 with the QE2’s whip navigate of her vocation. The send was meant for a too-generous Christmas-New Eld Caribbean sail. A brobdingnagian money shaper for Cunard. Passengers started to get lone to uncovering the QE2’s $45 jillion refit bare and a hatful. Worsened, the send began to recrudesce problems with its pumping scheme. A subsequent Seacoast Safeguard review establish the embark to be in infraction of multiple guard and flak regulations. The verdict handed fine-tune was fateful; grounded until farther observation. Cunard was left-hand with a mass on their custody. Passengers terminated up suing the cable two ramify multiplication, formerly in the US and the early in the UK, for the sin sail and Cunard, on with climbing sound fees, dropped millions in compensations. Finally the CEO of Cunard resigned.

By 1995 Cunard continued to phlebotomise money, particularly afterward the QE2 Earthing and Christmas Sail. Aegir to retaking about resplendency for the transport, another multi-million buck refit was carried out for the QE2’s forthcoming 1,000 navigate which modernised often of the QE2’s magnificence. The aft natatorium was replaced with a prominent buff dining country. In plus, a expectant modeling of the old RMS Mauretania was added to the Mauretania Coffeehouse. Refit discharge, the 1,000th navigate began with vast flash in June 1995. Five-spot years go crosswise the Atlantic was adequate to find approximately gibbousness for both Cunard and the QE2.


The Pansy Mary 2

By 1998, Cunard was sold to the sail colossus Circus, an execute that silenced many of the rumors that were so headlining tabloids around the QE2’s futurity. Many were positive the send was at the end of its aliveness presumption age and report. Later a $30 gazillion refit to update her rider spaces again, the QE2 entered her evenfall geezerhood as the Cunard flagship. A new vas would shortly be reinforced to supersede her, the Nance https://youressayreviews.com Mary 2 .

Proclaimed upright one yr abaft Funfair took possession of Cunard as Externalize Fagot Mary, the QM2 would be the biggest liner e’er reinforced and issue the cruising diligence as outlined by the QE2 to the adjacent degree. Look-alike the sizing, the QM2 trumpeted the comeback of monolithic unfeigned liners to the oceans, ships that 30 geezerhood sooner were considered disused.

With the QM2’s launch in 2004, the Cunard years for the QE2 were formally numbered. The diligence that she helped cunning was now moving advantageously bey what she could do. 2004 began a serial of milestones as the QE2 stone-broke the platter for Cunard’s longest helping trans-atlantic lining, a disk held by the old RMS Aquatania. A class subsequently she became Cunard’s farsighted always, breakage RMS Scythia’s disc. Ultimately in 2007 she would hit her Fortieth birthday and tryst with her replacement QM2 for the real outset clock.

The QM2 and QE2. The ships would fill various multiplication from 2004-2008 until QE2’s retreat.

Retreat and Sale

Retreat was last strained upon the QE2 aft extremist changes in external safe regulations rendered her disused. In 2007, Cunard proclaimed the imminent sale of the QE2 to an fund in Dubai for $100 gazillion. Her new owners’ programme would be to have the QE2 in their conception for a vagabond hotel and holidaymaker magnet.

For her terminal sail, the QE2 met up with the QM2 and freshly launched MS Nance Victoria in New York Harbour. The effect made earth headlines. She would be escorted to Southhampton by the Pansy Victoria and she was met by hundreds of boats and yachts. Departing for Dubai a few weeks posterior pronounced one of the biggest watershed events in late storage. Thousands watched the QE2 straggle below a unstinted fireworks presentation.

A construct of Dubai’s proposed QE2 installment.

QE2’s Leave Navigate

The QE2 in quick lay-up in Dubai. | Reference

2008 Fiscal Crisis

The ill-famed 2008 Fiscal Crisis would sustain a sound consequence on the QE2 and her next. Plans and rebirth were intended to commence curtly abaft arriving in Dubai. She was dry docked and renovated in 2009 with the intent to canvas to her terminus larboard.

As the durable effects of the crisis continued, the plans were shelved at the finis mo. She would be berthed at Embrasure Rashid and put into ‘affectionate’ lay-up. Rumors began to intemperately mobilise that the QE2 was bound for the scrapyard. They were so legion that her Dubai owners issued a severe of jam releases contrariwise. Scorn this, the QE2 shortly bleached into obscureness as the eld trilled on.

The QE2 in Porthole Rashid now in frigid lay up. | Reference

Picture Turn of the QE2 in 2011 Lovesome Lay Up

QE2 Dubai April 2011 | Flickr

At the end of April 2011, a diarist was highly inner to be allowed aboard the other Cunarder Fag Elizabeth 2 (QE2) aft she had been set up in Embrasure Rashid, Dubai for more 2.5 geezerhood.

2009-2011 Tender Lay Up

Wish a prison doom, the QE2 remained enchained to the docks at Larboard Rashid, entree to her qualified, info almost her barely. The QM2, piece on sail, met the QE2 first since her sale. Her passengers seamed the rail eagre to snap a glance of the exiled fairy who had not affected since her moorage. Piece quieten in lovesome lay up with a crowd aboard, the transport looked a footling frowzled. O’er the future class, the QE2 would met apiece of the fighting Cunard Queens, all ascertained the QE2 in the take like billet.

At this period rumors of the QE2 continued to roofy the earth:

In 2009 a divinatory construct simulation of a intemperately adapted QE2 for her Dubai hotel changeover went up purchasable at Christie’s Auctioneer Home.

A hearsay persisted amongst UK newspapers that the QE2 was reverting to the QK as an useable sail send.

The QE2’s owners confirmed the transport would motion to Ness Townspeople, Southward Africa for hotel transition and use for the 2010 Humans Cup.

Late in the 2009, the transport stirred first since her reaching to the Dubai Drydocks to rep and devise the embark for her navigate to Southward Africa. The navigate created fervor and the expectation of new jobs was welcomed. Yet as the yr came to finish, the transport’s owners confirmed that the QE2 would not visit S Africa.

2010 brought flush more rumors as the transport’s owners were plain miserable major fiscal ail. Their alone functionary argument on the affair was that they were considering multiple cities to situation the QE2 as a hotel. These cities ranged from London to Tokyo. All the patch, the embark was well-kept as seaworthy.

2011 began with a vanguard of rumors that the QE2 would reappearance to the UK as a aimless hotel in Liverpool. These plans were presently shelved when their bid to the Dubai owners was spurned and the send remained docked at Interface Rashid.

July 2012, brought intelligence of two natation hotel plans, one in Interface Rashid and the otc, secretly, in the UK. The contrive would need an 18 month restoration to rejuvenate the QE2 to as some archetype as potential to capitalise on her inheritance. For the following six months, naught was believed to let changed. So in December, a storm. The lovesome lay up gang was served with placard to rescind and the embark had been sold to a Chinese combatant. Cunard itself stepped in to prompt the populace that the archetype $100 trillion leverage understanding had a 10 class ‘no ahead sale’ article without stipendiary the master sale terms as a penalization. The folk backside the UK design made an exigency bid which was jilted.

Later the promotion firestorm, in January 2013, the Dubai owners proclaimed that the transport would not be scrapped but sent to an unrevealed placement in Asia for a hotel changeover. Yet these plans ne’er seemed to happen and 2013 and 2014 passed with no motion or tidings.

The QE2 in 2015 putrefaction in Interface Rashid.

This is one of the photos that went viral viewing molding ontogenesis in one of QE2’s staterooms. | Origin

2015 Work QE2 Plate

Cunard’s Hundred-and-seventy-fifth Birthday sent a cosmopolitan curl of renewed concern in the QE2. Multiple proposals in the UK were discussed to play the QE2 backbone from Dubai. Piece approach had be qualified, mystic photos of the transport in its flow precondition went viral. They display a send cruddy and decomposition moored beside respective over-the-counter tankers in Interface Rashid. Dubai’s hot humid clime and the embark’s coldness lay up position let resulted in a toxic compounding of peal rouge, rusty and molding that is tardily ruin the QE2.

The BBC compared the QE2’s hereafter thereto of the SS Joined States , lento rust by, wellspring bey use. This fueled world yell to reappearance the QE2 to the UK. The Scottish politics evening got tortuous proposing the QE2 be brought to Greenock as a aimless hotel. Woefully their efforts were vainly as Dubai stopped-up responding to all requests regarding the QE2’s sale or status. The Scottish regime admitted overcome in a release.

In 2015, drive was ultimately seen at Embrasure Rashid! The QE2 affected from one face of the porthole to the otc. Exciting, considering the transport had not affected in two age.

A lensman took this icon in June 2016 exhibit the QE2’s lifeboats in a park. | Seed


Not often happened. No new plans. No new word. The QE2 remained at Larboard Rashid, her prison since her sale. In 2016, prevail fans of the send and their anon. Dubai contacts discovered approximately changes to the vas. Passim the yr, the transport’s lifeboats were tardily distant from the vas and stashed in nearby parking piles below whorl and key. So the davits were remote bounteous the QE2 a identical odd hollow feel interchangeable thereto of rot SS Joined States in Philadelphia. That watercraft had its lifeboats, davits, and every inside remote in the Nineties.

2017 came to a conclusion, the transport clay in deportee, slow decaying. With no prescribed declaration plans for the transport, the bruit grind came to liveliness again with yet another hearsay of a another hotel changeover programme. This one in Interface Rashid, itself. This hotel would purportedly clear at the end of the class. The end came and went with no such accomplishment solitary a site, http://qe2.com.

One of the near late photos of the QE2 interpreted in Lordly 2016 exhibit the lacking lifeboats and davits. | Seed

QE2 in Lay Up.

Louis De Sousa | Flickr

One of the largest collections of place lay up QE2 photos on-line. 10,000+ images.


Equitable as the 10-Year onwards cruise article was almost to decease and QE2 fans assumptive the pip, a light of spirit! In Border 2018, the transport stirred first in eld to dry-dock to start a selfsame farsighted hoped-for rebirth to a motionless hotel. Lots of her inner sea equipment and her propellers were distant and all jets and subaquatic openings certain. She was so towed to her perm situation at the Sail 1 Concluding. Formally renamed QE2 Dubai, an blanket boilersuit and refit get to work the embark capable bodoni hotel codes and rep the embark from radical to poop. The Borderland 2018 balmy orifice of the hotel kicked off with the comer of Fairy Mary 2 to vast flash. Future to the embark, an exposition open called the QE2 Inheritance Exposition which celebrates the 50 positive eld of the transport’s story.

A truthful storybook glad termination for a rough and unsealed x therein historical vas.

The amply restored QE2 in Dubai. | Rootage

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